It’s time to tackle cargo theft across Canada

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Canadian businesses lose an estimated $5 billion annually as a result of cargo theft. Organized by a sophisticated network of criminals, cargo theft involves stealing trucks or trailers full of merchandise to sell for a quick profit. This organized crime is also linked to national security threats and terrorist funding.

Cargo theft is a low-risk, high reward crime; criminals can steal a truckload of goods and put the stolen items up for sale to unwitting consumers in a matter of hours through their network.

How can we stop cargo theft?

Reporting cargo theft is the best way to stop the problem. If the crime is happening in front of you, immediately call the local police. If you have general information, call IBC’s confidential 1-877-IBC-TIPS line or go to to fill out a reporting form that you can submit anonymously.

When losses do not get reported, stolen property cannot be identified or recovered and thieves are not prosecuted. Prevention can be very simple. Tactics that you can use include: closing a gate and limiting access to a facility and installing telematics technology and usage based insurance that displays and produces information regarding how much you drive. This type of technology can help to safeguard the driver and the cargo.

IBC’s Initiatives

Since 2011, IBC and the Canadian Trucking Alliance began collecting, analyzing and sharing cargo loss information with law enforcement agencies. The project was an important first step in gathering consistent information on crimes that have led to several recoveries of stolen trailers and consumer goods.

IBC has joined forces with the Canadian Trucking Alliance, Ontario Provincial Police, York Regional Police Services, Peel Regional Police Services and Halton Regional Police Service to expand its Cargo Theft Initiative program across Canada. IBC, member companies, and law enforcement across the country will be involved from the very beginning in collecting, analyzing and sharing cargo loss information.

Also, insurers can immediately submit cargo loss details to IBC through an online form which will be stored on a national database. The information will be added to a cargo notice report that IBC will promptly distribute to local and national law enforcement, including Canadian and American border agencies. This data will allow IBC to search all reported national occurrences of cargo theft on behalf of law enforcement to help identify recovered property.

Cargo theft is not a victimless crime. It’s time to clamp down.

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