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Denise Garth

Denise Garth, a Partner and Chief Digital Officer at Strategy Meets Action (SMA), leads the firm’s Innovation Practice and heads up the industry’s first Innovation Communities, a unique avenue for fostering and facilitating innovation across the insurance industry. Denise is a recognized industry leader in the innovation space. She actively tracks best practices and emerging technologies and their uses inside and outside insurance, bringing a fresh, outside-in focus to the insurance industry. Insurers and IT solution providers look to Denise for strategic thinking and insight on the importance and impact of innovation progress on the industry dynamics. Her extensive insurance experience and her strong grasp of the key challenges, issues, and opportunities facing the industry help insurers capitalize on the power of innovation to do business in more sophisticated, productive, and profitable ways. Denise can be reached at 402.963.0198 or via email at dgarth@strategymeetsaction.com