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Canada's p&c employers say why they support the CIP

Canada’s p&c employers say why they support the CIP

Our industry widely supports the Insurance Institute’s Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation, and we’re telling Canadians why.

Canada’s p&c industry values the designation because it helps insurance professionals serve the public better. Fundamentally, the CIP gives insurance professionals the knowledge and skills they need to offer Canadian policyholders high-quality products, services and advice.

You don’t have to take my word for it. These are the results of a study conducted this year by The Conference Board of Canada.

The Conference Board is an independent, not-for-profit organization specializing in business, education, economic and human resources research. As part of its study, it surveyed more than 1,000 industry employers and insurance professionals.

What did the Conference Board find?

A CIP increases the quality of the service Canadians receive from insurance professionals, according to three-quarters of industry employers surveyed. A vast majority reported that the CIP helps insurance professionals establish trust with their clients.

Not surprisingly, 70% of insurance organizations said they either required or preferred experienced insurance professionals to have a CIP designation.

Clearly insurance professionals see the benefits of a CIP designation, both for the industry and the public, and the Insurance Institute is spreading the word through a refreshed ad campaign.

The new advertising links to BeAssured.ca, a web page designed by the Institute to raise awareness of p&c credentials such as the CIP. Appearing in trade and general publications, the ads highlight the role of professionalism in home, car and commercial lines (both large and small business).

BeAssured.ca is tailored to three different audiences: CIPs, the industry and the general public. The benefits of a designation are unique to each audience:

• CIPs have better opportunities for advancement and better pay within the industry than insurance professionals who do not have a CIP, the Conference Board found.

• Insurance professionals with a CIP designation deliver a higher quality of service to consumers than those without a designation, opening opportunities for individuals with a CIP and creating a competitive advantage for industry employers recruiting CIPs.

• Canadians benefit from insurance professionals taking a designation program to improve the quality of their work. By making professionals more trustworthy, more credible and more knowledgeable, CIPs ultimately make the p&c insurance experience better for their clients.

I invite you to take a look at our refreshed ads on the Insurance Institute website. Help spread the word about the value of your Insurance Institute credentials.

The full Conference Board of Canada report is available on the Insurance Institute website.

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